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FCC HCF - RFP Questions and Answers
9/1/2014 - 10/31/2014  

FCC Health Care Connect Fund Program

RFP - Vendor Questions and Consortium Answers - 33827


Wed 9/24/2014 9:31 AM


After reviewing the documentation fot this my first question is are you requesting that EarthLink Business supply the network hardware you have specified in Attachments table 1.1?

Please let me know, thanks.

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9/24/2014 - Consortium Answer:  If EarthLink Business wants to submit a bid, then yes we are requesting that EarthLink supply comparable network hardware specified in the Attachment Table 1.1.


Fri 10/10/2014 11:29 AM

Good Day Cynthia!

NSS has a couple of questions we would like addressed for our formal response.  We'll watch the website for any answers.

Question: Will the HCP Expect to pay the service provider only their 35% share of the MRC and expect the service provider to await USAC reimbursement.

From the Plan doc..

The WHSI has budgeted $120,000 annually for the data connections which is approximately what the current services cost. WHSI will cover 35% of the network cost for services and seek 65% funding from the Health Care Connect Program. All cost not covered by HCF subsidy will be the responsibility of WHSI

Question: Will WHSI or the Provider manage the routers?

From the RFP

The hardware for the connections will be purchased and configured through the successful bidder(s) to support these routes and any new additional routes

Question: Will WHSI need an internet connection and if so what bandwidth?



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Consortium Answers:

Question1: Payment is decided between the HCP and service provider, as in Rural Health Care Program there were two possible scenarios.  The service provider could request full payment amount first, and then once the service provider gets the reimbursement from USAC, the service provider will then refunds the 65%. The service provider could apply credits to the HCP bill requiring the HCP to pay its 35% share, and the vendor awaits the remaining 65% from USAC.  The latter option would work in our best interest being that we are a non-profit organization.

Question2:  The provider will manage the router, with the option to make requested changes.

Question3:  Yes, internet connection is needed and should be build into the solution. At least 10Mbps at data center location (hub).  1.5Mbps or better bandwidth at other locations.